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  • Black
Stadium GTO600C 6-1/2" (160mm) two-way component system w/ gap switchable crossover
  • Black
Stadium GTO960C 6" x 9" two-way component system w/ gap switchable crossover
  • Black
Stadium GTO860C 6" x 8" two-way component system w/ gap switchable crossover
6-1/2" (160mm) component speaker system
5-1/4" (130mm) component speaker system
  • Black
6"x9" (152mm x 230mm) component speaker system
  • Black
16.5 cm 2-way component speakers
  • Black
16.5 cm 2-way component set with separate soft dome tweeter and filter
  • Black
This 16.5 cm component is ideal for replacing your 'factory speakers'
  • Black
This 13 cm 2-way set reproduces your music clearly via the separate components and individual filter

JBL Car Component Speakers

For the ultimate sound experience in your car, we recommend investing in our high-quality car component speakers today. Car component speakers separate the two drivers and introduce a crossover to ensure they function better. Installing car component speakers will give you a better, higher and wider surround sound experience.

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Elite Car Component Speakers Online

Here at JBL, we are proud to be an industry-leading provider of a wide range of automotive sound solutions and audio accessories. Whether you are choosing car component speakers for personal or professional use, our collection has something that suits you.

With innovative designs, the latest technology, high-quality performance and competitive prices, our car component speakers offer all the features you could ever want and need.

No matter the model and make of your vehicle, our collection of car component speakers have you covered. Whether it be an entire set of car component speakers to upgrade your used car or a few components to boost the sound system in your brand new vehicle, our range has it all!

When shopping the entire range of car component speakers, enjoy browsing features like:

  • Oversized woofer voice coils
  • Eight models to accommodate all applications and environments
  • JBL patented plus one glass fibre woofers with rubber surrounds  
  • Edge-driven soft dome tweeters
  • 3-way upgradability
  • High output 2-ohm design
  • Harman standard reliability testing

Browse Car Component Speakers Online

For more information regarding the entire collection of car component speakers online, contact the team today. Whether it be online, over the phone or via email, our experts are here to help you. With extensive industry knowledge, excellent customer service and over 70 years of experience, you’ll be sure to find the advice you need. Update your car's sound system with our high-performance car component speakers today!