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  • Wood
Home Audio Loudspeaker System
S$ 899.00 each
  • Wood
Home Audio Loudspeaker System
S$ 1,999.00 each
  • Dark Wood
  • Wood
Home Audio Loudspeaker System
S$ 899.00 per pair
  • Wood
Home Audio Loudspeaker System
S$ 2,999.00 each
  • Cherry
3-way Dual 15" (380mm) Floorstanding Loudspeaker
S$ 78,000.00 per pair
  • Black
Powerful portable Bluetooth party speaker with dynamic light show
S$ 499.00 each
  • Black
Powerful Bluetooth party speaker with full panel light effects
S$ 1,499.00 each
  • Cherry
3-way 15" (380mm) Floorstanding Loudspeaker
S$ 21,000.00 each
  • Walnut
8” 2-way Studio Monitor Loudspeaker
S$ 2,550.00 each
  • Black
JBL 4312SE Studio Monitor Bookshelf Loudspeaker
S$ 4,550.00 per pair
  • Black
3-way 12-inch (300mm) Studio Monitor Bookshelf Loudspeaker
S$ 3,500.00 each
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Orange
12” 3-way Bookshelf Loudspeaker
S$ 6,999.00 each

JBL Loudspeakers

Installing a set of loudspeakers in your home is the perfect way to create the ultimate in-house surround sound experience. With innovative technology, sleek and modern designs, high-quality performance and competitive prices, our loudspeakers are the ideal choice for you.

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High-Quality Loud Speakers Online

Here at JBL, we are passionate about manufacturing the highest quality sound solutions and audio accessories that the industry has to offer. Whether you are wanting a pair of car subwoofers, a few portable speakers or loud speakers to place in your home, we have you covered.

Regardless of your specific needs, our collection of loud speakers has something that suits you. When browsing the comprehensive line of loud speakers online, enjoy features inclusive of:

  • Signature JBL performance
  • Extreme power and quality
  • A range of styles from floor standing to bookshelf
  • Also available in-wall mounted speaker options
  • Hard-wearing durability

Not only are loudspeakers for use in your home, but they also work wonders in an office space. Whether you work in a creative environment where music is constantly playing or wanting loud speakers to provide tunes on those casual Fridays, our collection has it all and so much more!

Browse Loud Speakers Today

For further information regarding the comprehensive range of loud speakers online, contact the team today. Whether it be over the phone, via email or directly on our website, you’ll be sure to receive the support you can trust.

With over 70 years of manufacturing and industry experience, outstanding customer service and unbeatable product knowledge, our professionals are equipped to help you find the perfect loudspeakers that suit your needs. Pump up the sound on all occasions with a set of world-class loudspeakers today!