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Car Subwoofers

Car Subwoofers

BassPro SL2

Self-Powered, 8" (200mm) Low-Profile Underseat Vehicle Subwoofer System
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JBL BassPro Hub

11" (279mm) Spare tire subwoofer with built-in 200W RMS amplifier with remote control.
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BassPro SL

Powered, 8" (200mm) car audio under seat woofer system
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JBL BassPro Micro

JBL BassPro Micro Dockable Powered Subwoofer System
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JBL Car Subwoofers

Blast the bass in all your favourite songs with a set of world-class car subwoofers today. With the latest technology, high performance, long-lasting durability, compact designs and competitive prices, our car subwoofers are the right solution for you.

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Premier Car Subwoofers Online

Here at JBL, we are proud to be an industry-leading provider of a wide range of sound solutions and audio accessories. Whether it be a pair of wireless headphones, new car speakers or a set of car subwoofers, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need.

For anyone who loves to blast the bass all day long, we recommend installing a set of sub woofers to your car audio system. With innovative technology, hard-wearing construction, world-class power, sleek designs and affordable prices, our car subwoofers are the ideal choice for you.

Installing car subwoofers in your vehicle is a great way to enhance your existing car sound system. Providing a powerful sound and creating a strong music experience, our car subwoofers have all the features that you could ever need. When browsing the entire collection of car subwoofers online, enjoy state of the art features such as:

  • Slipstream port design
  • Selectable Smart Impedance
  • High – roll surround
  • Long excursion design
  • Proprietary cone design
  • Accurate frequency response
  • Computer optimised bass reflex port
  • 400 watts, 700 watts of peak power handling


Browse Car Subwoofers Today

For more information regarding the complete range of car subwoofers, contact the team today. Whether it be online, over the phone or via email, we are here to help you. With excellent customer services, extensive industry knowledge and over 70 years of experiences, we guarantee you’ll receive the support you need. Boost the bass in your car with a set of our world-class car subwoofers today.